The Founders Series

Introducing Our

Inaugural Cigar Series

Who better represents the spirit of liberty than the Founding Fathers.

We have crafted the cigar blends to match the spirit of each of 13 founder’s.

There were, of course, many more than thirteen paternal patriots (and maternal ones, for that matter) but we pared them down to thirteen for economy, for sure, but mainly for the powerful symbolism which accompany’s that auspicious number —- The 13 colonies in rebellion against the mother country (there are 13 cigars to a box as well).

Choosing which thirteen founder’s made the cut was difficult but the principle criterion was this; that each founder was, at one time or another, more or less indispensable to securing our liberty.

George Washington was undoubtedly the only one for which there can be no argument. But without the more obscure Robert Morris, for instance, the financing of the Revolution would almost certainly not have happened.

John Adams, to use Thomas Jefferson’s words, was the “Colossus of Independence.” Jefferson himself, of course, wrote one of the most important documents on liberty in the history of humankind. These, along with Franklin and Madison, you know well.

But we have included lesser known patriots like James Otis and the “Swamp Fox” with the hope that you will find them as compelling as we do.

But if our arguments, as to each of the founder’s inclusion, don’t sway you. No worries. All thirteen of the cigars we have created in their name are like the cause of liberty — well worth it.

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The Founders Series Collection

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“Father of the Constitution”

The James Madison

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“Old Put”

The Israel Putnam

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“The Indispensable Man”

The George Washington

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“The Swamp Fox”

The Francis Marion

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“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”

The Thomas Jefferson

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“Colossus of Independence”

The John Adams

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“Bombs Away”

The Alexander Hamilton

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“Give Me Liberty”

The Patrick Henry

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“Financier of the Revolution”

The Robert Morris

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The Sam Adams

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The Benjamin Franklin

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“No Taxation Without Representation”

The James Otis

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“Son of Liberty”

The Joseph Warren

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