The Joseph
Warren Cigar

Brave. Selfless. Inspiring.

Individual Cigar

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60 x 6




Ecuador Desflorado Natural




Habano (Nicaragua) & Piloto Cubano (Dominican Republic)

The great patriotic artist John Trumbull’s iconic paintings have adorned the walls of many an American home and art gallery. The colorful and dramatic oil painting “The Death of General Warren at Bunker Hill” portrays the last moments of the life of one of the founders most devoted to liberty, though he died thirteen months before Independence! There are many who believe that had Joseph Warren survived the Battle of Bunker Hill, his popularity would likely have rivaled that of George Washington.

The “Desflorado” wrapper is a rare tobacco harvested from the corona (or crown) of the plant. It is just so because meticulous care must be taken to insure that the crown does not flower while the tobacco is maturing in the field. Requiring constant vigilance, the grower must cut off the buds at the precise moment they are about to flower. This time-consuming and expensive process is well worth it as it gives this unique tobacco its extra rich and exquisite flavor.

We could not ignore the plaintive symbolism present in pairing this rarest of tobacco, produced as it is, with the rare and exquisite man, who gave selflessly of himself in a noble cause, before being taken in the flower of his youth.