The Liberty Cigar Company

The Liberty Cigar Company was founded to reacquaint men and women with the simple pleasures of respite & leisure. Lasting bonds, whether among one or many, are more easily formed when wrought in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. Indeed, it was in the taverns and courtyards of colonial America, through the wisps of roiling smoke and fine pints, that the spiritual foundation for our country’s creation were laid.

It is our hope that through the offering of our premium hand-crafted cigars we will help rekindle the spirit and reverence for liberty which was held so dear by our forebears.

In the time to come we will share the incredible stories of our great republics’ illustrious history with the hope that through you, it will long endure.

Our premium cigars are named for a seminal person, event or entity in history so that we may honor them, as we should, across the ages.

Each cigar, therefore has a story to tell. So tilt your ear, relax and enjoy.

John AdamsLiberty Cigar Company
July 4, 2015

Our Parent Company

The American History Guild was founded a decade ago to rekindle and stoke the sacred fire of liberty so that it may burn brightly in the hearts of those now living and yet unborn.

We subscribe to the noble tenets embodied in the Declaration of Independence wherein it is written, that we are not endowed by whim, will, or want of man, but rather, we are “endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.”