The Thomas Jefferson Cigar

Complex. Refined. Ingenius.

Individual Cigar

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Box of Thirteen

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Cuban Corona


43 x 6 3/4




Connecticut Shade / Ecuador – Natural


De Olor / Dominican Republic


Blend of Four Aged Tobaccos: Cuban seed, Habano (Nicaragua / Honduras), Olor (Cibao Valley) & Ligero / Seco Piloto Cubano (Dominican Republic)

Had Thomas Jefferson not done anything else beyond the age of thirty-three, his legacy would still have transcended the ages. It was at that young age that his name became immortal, his having penned the Declaration of Independence.

Jefferson was unceasing in living out his famous creed — “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” To him, happiness was the joyful pursuit of perfection. He possessed an utterly insatiable curiosity to that end. Put more succinctly, he sought the best of everything in mind, body and soul.
It is in this spirit that we have hand-crafted this blend and vitola — the Cuban Corona. This cigar is what the discerning Cuban cigar smoker prefers as the length and ring size allows for a greater proportion of the high quality wrapper to come through in every draw. Jefferson most certainly would have observed this.

A medium to full body smoke with a complex yet elegant essence.