The John Adams Cigar

Honest. Forthright. Pertinacious.

Individual Cigar

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Box of Thirteen

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52 x 6




Habano Reserve


Connecticut Broadleaf


100% Cuban Seed / Dominican / Nicaraguan / Honduran

While he did have some portly features, in truth he was strong and virile, his bearing was confident, his posture straight, having strengthened his frame by toiling in the fields as a farmer most of his life.

John Adams was honest to a fault. He sometimes irritated those who opposed him with his candid manner.

When he fixed his belief upon something it was utterly unshakable. We are the heirs of this pertinacious character, for it is he who is most responsible for influencing the minds of those who would vote for American independence.

Jefferson called him “The Colossus of Independence.” That he was.

The John Adams is an honest, well balanced cigar. Its Habano Reserve Wrapper has been meticulously selected and aged since 2003.