The James Otis Cigar

Erudite. Principled. Spirited.

Individual Cigar

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Box of Thirteen

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52 x 6




Connecticut Shade / Ecuador – Natural


De Olor / Dominican Republic


Blend of Four Aged Tobaccos: Cuban seed, Habano (Nicaragua / Honduras), Olor (Cibao Valley) & Ligero / Seco Piloto Cubano (Dominican Republic)

Though James Otis is virtually unknown outside historian circles, his patriotic words are known to all. “No taxation without representation!”

Otis formulated a great deal of the early thinking in the cause of liberty. He inspired all the younger patriots in the cause of liberty.

James Otis Lived life to the fullest. He was literally struck down much to soon. He had confided to his friends that he wanted God to take him in a flash. It was not long thereafter that he was granted his wish – as he steeped outside his home a lighting bolt took him home.

The cigar we have selected embodies his greatest attribute – full speed ahead.