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Freddie William Von Steuben was born to the family of a professional Prussian officer (triple redundancy in those days) who raised his young son in the field, with little understanding that the boy would eventually rise to the highest level of command in a nation that did not yet exist and would one day become the paramount western military power in the world.

Friedrich Von Steuben, following in his father’s footsteps, joined the Royal Prussian army at the age of seventeen, fighting first in the War of 1744 and then in a succession of great battles of the Seven Years War, eventually rising to the rank of captain and serving as an aide-de-camp of Frederick the Great. Steuben entreated Franklin for a position in the American Army, but could wrangle nothing more than a letter of introduction to the United States Congress.

Armed with that over-effusive document, Steuben’s life took another providential turn as he was introduced to George Washington and joined the American forces wintering in Valley Forge. Von Steuben’s letter from Franklin was considerably embellished regarding his rank and status in the Prussian army, but his flamboyant uniforms and boisterous self-confidence seemed to fit the illusion. The duly impressed General Washington decided to turn the training of the Continental Regulars over to the newly minted “Inspector General.” Friedrich von Steuben did not disappoint.

As new drillmaster of the army, Steuben chose officers from each unit, one hundred twenty in all, and taught them the elocutions of European drill from parade ground to battlefield. 

His logistical expertise enabled Nathanael Greene to succeed in the Southern Campaign. General Steuben commanded a division at Yorktown and he was witness to the surrender of Lord Cornwallis’s army. Providence brought many such men to help win independence and establish the Republic, but very few single-handedly made such a decisive difference on the field of combat as General Friedrich von Steuben

Vitola – Robusto – 50 x 5

Body – Medium to Full

Wrapper – Ecuadoran Connecticut Shade

Binder – De Olor Dominican

Long Filler – Blend of four aged tobaccos – Nicaraguan, Honduran & Two Dominican



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